The past will become the present one day as you seek to know. When you read the events recorded in history do you identify with the time, the lifestyle, the place. Did you really live in that time? The scenes of long ago forgotten ideas and points of view. Discussed and revised again and again in ancient texts. If you would know of these things you do come full circle and find yourself reading the ancients wrote about the same subject, their past. They searched for themselves and the meaning of their existence.

Have you stood on the land of your past?

I have stood on the lands I knew that I had been there before. Jerusalem, France, Holland, England, Spain. I have been to Russia in my dreams and have a romantic attachment to Russia. The timeless beauty of ballet, music, art and literature each in its own way makes a for a humble artist with  deep respect and admiration for such passion. There are artists the world over but somehow the Russian depth of expression is refreshing to my soul. My past will flash into the present at the most unexpected times with definite reason. I have come to respect this occurrence rather than to fear it.

The errors of history emerge

I take great delight in the latest discoveries of the errors of history. The Dead Sea Scrolls have been translated and are about to be published, thanks to some dedicated historians and professors who care to reveal the truth. I would know the truth in favor of the lies, wouldn’t you? I hope your answer is yes, if not, then the window of the soul will not open for you until you are ready.

Stories and legends live on in documents and when they are newly discovered it re-writes history. Some do not want that history to be rewritten and fight against the ‘uneducated’ having access to the information. I believe this is not going to happen today, the demand for truth of the information will supersede any kind of concealment. Thus the changing pictures of life will bring a welcome revision from the staleness of archaic thinking.

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