To find yourself. This might sound strange initially when you think about it. We like to think that we know ourselves. If you were to come to know yourself there would be a definite change in the way you view the world. Knowing yourself builds a confidence that comes from this kind of inner search.

To have inner peace and harmony

Is this possible? If you are willing to take the time to explore and come to know yourself it is possible. This means though you have to want to take the time to meditate. Who has time to meditate? You have time to do the things you want to do.

Overcome and manage stress

The stress we feel is intensifying these days. It is because we are living in a time of instant access to so much information and the ability to interact in different ways. We can live online and find information and we could access twenty years ago. This has created a shift, a change in the way we view life. In the quiet of meditation there are no electronic signals and the this is how you can begin to slow down the active mind.

Meditation is not making your mind a blank

This is impossible to do. You can come to a point of relaxation and stillness that does indeed bring inner peace and harmony. This is felt and understood when you have built up concentration and the ability to quiet the jumping mind.

Inner peace and harmony

It is a very peaceful world if you have harmony within you. This sounds wonderful but is not so easy to achieve but not impossible. Meditation is work of a different kind. It is the work of going beyond what is, to something that is deeper. Our reality is stimulated by the material world not by our inner world.

These are all the reasons why meditation is a worthwhile endeavor.




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