What is a Framework?
A framework is the foundation, the building blocks, for something to exist inside the frame.
Divi Theme
A theme is a design element that uses the framework. This website was built with the Divi Framework using the modules.

A theme has a specific style used throughout the website. A Framework is something used to mold the style. The style is built onto the framework. 

Where do you start?

With the Divi Framework. It is the ideal place to begin to take in the whole concept of building a website. With no knowledge of code, or how a website works, you can build one with the Divi Framework. It is specifically designed for the do-it-yourself take charge person or organization.

We’re faced with a changing world. In the last two or three years we have seen nothing but change. Different ways of doing things. Whoever thought you would order groceries online, or read an electronic book instead of a paper one. We use systems and software constantly. It takes time to get to know the software and how it works.

There is a learning curve with the Divi Theme. But this is the fun part because you have a community of users of the Divi Theme. The Divi Theme is the most used theme in the world, and has been translated into thirty two different languages. 

Translated into thirty-two different languages is a fact, not a sales pitch. Divi is so successful it is the go-to Framework for developers and designers to create their Templates.

The whole structure of the framework is a different way to work on a website. This blog post is written using the Divi Visual Builder, as I’m entering text into the text module, I can see how the text looks on the page directly. Of course there is more to building a website than entering text onto a page.

This is a partial list of the Modules available. Each one has a particular function. You select the module and it will open for you to use. The Image module was used for the image above. This text is placed inside the Text Module. The module contains settings to style the text with the icons.

An Open Text Module

The image on the left is an example of what the text looks like when you enter it directly into the Text Module using the Visual Builder.

In the Divi Framework you have:

The Divi Library, predefined page layouts

The Divi Builder, layout modules then preview

The Visual Builder, use modules on the page directly


Every module has built in settings. If you don’t know what an icon does, click on it to find out.

The framework pulls the components of the website into place. Initially, you can use the premade layouts in the Divi Library. Once you get used to how the modules work you’ll find you start creating your own specific style and layout with the Divi Framework.

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A framework is the foundation, the building blocks, for something to exist inside the frame. The Divi Framework is the foundation upon which you build the website.

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