Do you feel like you are doing time and your life is hard labor? If you do well, it is. We are indeed doing time and have to labor with life in many ways. It is part of the life experience and there is no way out of it until we change our perspective.

Your life should be a labor of love but who loves their life? That is the point, if you find life so difficult it will always be difficult. We have to settle down and figure out the solution.

Life is not a guarantee of happiness filled with dreams of early retirement through the ultimate occupation that brings in the desired amount of money with no work and all pleasure.

Anything worthwhile takes time to do and all things in life require an effort and a skill. The key is to develop at this time is; the skill of the coping mechanism.

Wherever you go and whatever you do in life today you have access to information. With information comes knowledge, the benefit of knowledge is being informed and then the next step is to apply the knowledge. If this is simple to understand then why is it so difficult to do?

How to change the perspective

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The change in perspective must start from a different place, an unexpected place that requires you to think differently. Thinking is automatic we don’t realize how we constantly think and do and feel as the day goes on and all the many things we are doing.

We are on automatic pilot and not living with an intention towards our life, it is somehow taking us along and we are reluctantly laboring through it. Until we find the one thing that we really want to do and let ourselves do it. Not living on dreams or fantasies but on intentional living.

Intentional living brings a different application. You are energized through what you are honest enough to admit you like to do. The artist loves to draw and therefore makes an art piece, the writer writes. Of course   do have to do some things we do not like to do but that is part of the equation. The more you migrate to the real intent and purpose for the labor of your life the more you will find your perspective changing.

This activity brings out a different flair in your personality and puts you in touch with yourself. Something that you need to connect with aside from the electronic connection or attachment to a virtual world.

The real world you are looking for is within you. I have found no other solace in life than the quiet time of inner contemplation when I am perplexed about something that I cannot resolve. All I have to do is meditate.

Meditation is …

The practice of meditation takes various forms. Meditation means to think, to contemplate and ponder. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who still think meditation means make your mind a blank. It is virtually impossible to define meditation it is what you make of it.

Regular time spent in thought contemplation also known as meditation will help you to refine your ideas and eventually leads to the study of a more in-depth pursuit the spiritual nature.  Meditation also crosses the boundary of all religions and is a universal practice. The whole preponderance about life and its meaning will bring us the to search for why we are here, who we are, and what is the purpose if life – this is the labor of life.

I propose the labor of life is an opportunity to participate in life, your life, but from your perspective. The labor of finding yourself is through meditation and introspection, and when you take that time it is a labor of love that leads beyond the ego into the greater Self. When last did you labor in meditation?

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