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The one who would ponder on the meaning of their existence is one who has arrived at a particular point of wanting to know. We have been debating the meaning of existence in life for a very long time and there is no formula that adequately explains this existence. If you are serious about the pursuit of the meaning of your existence then you begin the journey in the direction of developing your spiritual self, and this is the real self.

Existence is the state of existing.

A way of life, and in the Eastern belief, a person’s successive earthly lives. I always wanted an answer to my urgent question; what is the meaning of my existence. When I discovered existence meant prior occupation in other lifetimes this was quite a leap in thinking for me. I liked the physical form in this life, now there were other lives to think about, existing before. Who knew. This information has only been around for thousands of years but we discover the meaning of our existence when we are ready to find out.

Matters of the soul and spirit are deeper subjects. We have a soul (or spirit) that exists within us or we would not be alive. It is speculated; we are infinitely more than just the person we know as ourselves as being with our given name and identity. I have known my existence in another life and time, other than the one I am in now.

The reason for our existence is not really up to me to define it is up to each of us to understand this for ourselves. We all have our own definition. Jean Paul Satre, the modern French philosopher,  has an interesting statement,”Everything has been figured out except how to live.” This is the whole meaning of our existence we have to find out how to live. Montaigne, the French Essayist, was equally preoccupied about how you should or should not live your life.

The meaning of life is a most pondered question. There is no perfect definition of this meaning because we need to reconcile ourselves with the universal meaning and the ego finds this difficult. For those who want to know in real time, the meaning of your existence will start the entertainment, if you have a sense of humor.


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