The mind and heart connection is a much discussed idea and when we experience this connection between the heart and the mind it is profound. The whole connection sounds relatively simple, but there are often major issues that prove to be an obstruction to the simplicity of the connection between the heart and the mind. In theory it is easy to think of in practice is the issue. If we disconnect from the heart, we do not know love. Yet we say we love many things. This love may be more of a surface feeling but the hart and the mind connection is a much deeper experience when we become aware of this connection.

Thoughts and feelings are intangible elements.

We think our mind is the organ the brain and our feelings the organ the heart. Emotions are intangible we cannot see them unless we act them out in love or anger. Unfortunately, the negative acts produce the most harm to us and to others. Our feelings are very real and we should not ever ignore them, but it is a task to learn to deal with our emotions. Intellectual definitions govern our lifestyle and we constantly seek to live up to those standards. We want to be someone, to achieve, make money, be powerful all these things to be are according to a definition or analysis.

What is in your heart?

The organ of the heart is obviously within us, and is a necessary organ. The heart is true it will speak to you if you are willing to listen. When we express ourselves from our heart it is usually a true expression. We build on what is with the mind when we seek to learn. The whole integration of the mind and the heart combines to form that which we are. The two are connected and are inseparable. The mind affects the heart, and the heart affects the mind.

When we come to experience this connection, we realize that everything we think affects us. Our thoughts are indeed very powerful. The power of the mind should not only be measured in terms of academic achievement or levels within a school system of learning. We think the mind is the intellect and operates separately. We know all about our feelings though, they go on through everything we experience even while we are intellectual we are emotional. Try separating the mind from your feelings and have an intellectual discussion with someone who disagrees with your point of view. The emotions will flare up and before you know it, the intellect and the emotions are in full operation.

I believe the understanding of what is in your heart is the key to harmony in this strange turmoil called life. Even if those feelings in your heart are painful ones they are the transforming aspect of our innermost nature as it develops and learns. My heart never lies to me, I have come to know my heart and how it is connected with my mind. This is the mind and heart connection.


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