Life circumstances will reverberate back to you as a mirror, reflecting your true image when you look into the mirror. We can see ourselves as we are from the outer appearance but the echo experience of life when compared to the mirror reflection is an inner reflection.

In my life I am preoccupied with the inner reflection. Of course the outer reflection is important, but the inner reflection becomes much louder when life itself echoes back to you in some kind of event, happening or circumstance. Everything eventually comes full circle and returns to you. The key is to acknowledge what you see.

Here is my caution in doing this one, beware of beating yourself up, as this becomes ‘exuse-itus’ one of the fastest growing dis-eases in life today. The excuse is that you find fault with yourself continuously. You sound good, remorseful, you go on about how bad you are, how you are just not really getting it and around, and around you go with self-purging talk. The problem is you sound believable, and have loads of humbleness, but this sets you up to do it all over again when the next echo of life reverberates itself in the mirror.

How to cope

I would propose something new a coping mechanism that I found useful. Acknowledge the issue, the error that brought the mirror of reflection. Let go of the small ego that is so hurt it cannot stand to be wrong and is too full of pride.

Step aside from this kind of reflection and boldly stare at the issue in the face and laugh at it. See the humorous side when you are wrong, you are wrong, so what! The world will not stop turning, life will go on. When you realize this, you give up feeling sorry for yourself and it is the end of the usual ‘excuse-itus’ stories.

Inside yourself, you know the mirror does not lie to you. When you admit this to yourself something fascinating happens; you will feel energy, an invigoration and this propels you forward. You will surprise yourself with the clear insight you have and in addition, you will know how to eliminate the error that brought you the mirror.

We all have funny patters of reaction to life, some of them are good and others are goofy (that is the fun word for it). Learn to laugh at yourself and not take yourself so seriously. Take charge of your reflection in the mirror reflection.


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