What moves us to do something different, to follow an idea? When the idea inspires and captivates interest and skepticism. The idea to Meditate for World Peace was a flash of inspiration. I care about what happens in the world. When I reflected on what can I do, if anything, there was an echo effect, an inspiration ; if enough people in the world were to practice meditation, they would find their inner peace, and this in turn would affect their interaction with the world.

This is beyond Yoga class meditation, and beyond the how-to-do-it easy step commercial method. In truth there is no easy way to meditate and there are too many methods to figure out which is better than the other. My idea is to connect with those interested enough to experiment, and explore meditation to find out for themselves. Eventually this will lead to your finding a genuine Teacher if you want to go further into the deeper quest and come to know your true Self.

Know yourself

To know yourself is an adventure of exploration of trial and error, and laughter and tears. Deep within are the subconscious fears and superstitions that will block such a lofty idea; meditate for world peace. Waste of time, never happen, takes too long, later when I get organized… these are the arguments that will start in general when you decide to meditate.

I had no fears and superstitions about meditation, only curiosity. My desire to know for sure placed me in front of Truth. The inexplicable became explained, the errors in my thinking became corrected, the knowledge and experience of my Teachers validated my experiences.

Today I know a peace that is a result of ongoing meditation. My interest lies in helping others to start their journey meditating. As more people understand the benefits of meditation, we will live better lives, build a better future, and be the example for future generations to follow.

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