The scientist and the psychic both use intuition to figure out what is in the atmosphere. Actually we all use our intuition to figure things out. It is not exclusive to anyone.

Looking into the psychic atmosphere…

The atmosphere shows an entangled confusion of information. How can there be so much confusion with so much technology? Is it feasible we could be misinformed? We skim read, and are constantly distracted, as a result we may not realize the errors in some information.

Not everything is true in the virtual library of all time, the Internet. However, we are conditioned to believe the printed word. If it is written it is true. How do you come to know? If you really ‘listen’ to the written word, and you care enough, it will resonate inside of you.

Even if you were to keep up with technology, as you are reading, there is another piece of information. The price we pay for this progress shows up in a frenzy of entangled confusion all around us. We now operate in twenty-four seven intellectual activity. Our brains are being stretched, not that this is a bad idea to stretch the brain.

The action you take to get out of the entangled confusion could be the most important step you have ever taken in your life. Yes, it is that important. There is a perfect solution.

Specialize in the field of interest you love

Become a specialist. Have the courage to stand up from yourself within yourself. Declare this to yourself. Get used to the idea of what it is you want to specialize in. Make sure you are true to yourself and not desperately trying to prove something to others. Living for others reinforces a false quality where you strive to do what is expected and not what is of interest to you.

Return to the idea of being true to yourself, and then become a specialist, an expert, in what you love. Once you find your “niche,” as the marketing word goes, your love of what you do will implement the necessary action and motivation. The entangled confusion will unravel by your action and you will move forward in your life.

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