What is it?  The air all around us the Ether, etheric, aether, and all manner of names it has. This air has been pondered by every mind, is there really something in it? This is not a scientific review of the atmosphere, this is a psychic review. Two entirely different viewpoints. Yet the scientist will meet with the psychic and both will use their intuition to figure out what is in the atmosphere.

Looking Into The Psychic Atmosphere

It is full of anxiety, panic and fear.

The current issue is the mistaken idea that the world will end based on a man-made calendar. Man is not able to suddenly decide when the world will end. Time as we know it was invented by us. There is an order of things, far beyond our invented idea of time. Is it not strange that the various belief systems have a different dates for their events?  So if there are so many dates, how come one date supersedes all other dates?

The misinformation goes viral on the Internet, people believe what they see without question. This gives rise to assumptions based on panic and fear. Movies are made to dramatize the event. Books are written by people about cultures they know nothing about.

The world is not going to end – let’s get over it.

That would just be too easy. All our problems would go away, we would be no more and that is that. There are cycles of events and ages that come and go, but they don’t end with one calendar date. These cycles take many thousands of years to complete.

Read The Holy Science by Sri Yukteswar the Guru of Paramahansa Yogananda for real references to begin with. Then migrate to Isis Unveiled and/or The Secret Doctrine by Madame Blavatsky. In these books you will find, if you take the time to read, information based on reason and calculation rather than chaotic, distortions by those who want to ‘cash in’ on the subject.

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