The point of expression will come unexpectedly. Almost as if it wells up inside of your being and if you let it, the torrent flows into a silent reverie but spoken with written words. It is no silence, it is the resounding echo of concepts, understanding, and experiences in the strange shifting time and timelessness.

Often I hesitate and keep the words back for fear of what another will think or say. The reality is, no one really sees the words until you show them to another person. How childish it seems to worry what people will think, but we all do this constantly. If we did not we would be the most confident people in the world.

My reality and experiences are often complex to explain. Sometimes I write the complexity in the context of poetry, the expression is more succinct.

I often lie awake at night with concepts that ring in my mind and then unable to sleep I get up and write; this is the silent and spoken reverie.

The Time

I know the flow of time,
before this time, was another time.
In the timeliness of our time,
we know the need for a time.
Eternity is real time,
never in a day, or an hour, or a week.
The times before this time intrudes
unannounced with trumpet flare.
What was the reminder?
The jog in the memory,
the music, the sound, the picture,
they collide into the scope of today,
relevant and real.
Rejoice in the silent and spoken reverie,
words, the entryway to perception,
open into another world of timelessness,
embrace the flow of time.
©2014 Jashryn

Going back and forth in time is quite a surprising experience. The experience opens a window into the past and show me its relevance today. Why is it so prominent? Of what use is it? Its use is relevant and directly affects everything today. You are your past it lives inside of you within the memory of your mind or being. It is you the whole you that comes to be known in time.

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