The value of life, your life should not ever be underestimated. If we are able to appreciate what others do, let us take a look at what you do. How much do you value your life and its purpose? If you do not value your life, it will decline and eventually fade into the death experience. If you are like me, this is unacceptable, and the last thing you want since you ‘woke’ up in this lifetime.

If there is still a negative approach to to your life, well, you have not made sufficient effort to revise how you work and what you say. Repeating the same words repeatedly is repetitive. Try making a recording of what you say. I guarantee you won’t speak like that again if you hear yourself talk. Do not expect others to constantly listen to you when you complain how bad life is, and how no one understands you, and how you are the ‘bad person.’ You give these labels yourself.

How many conversations have you had about your life? Many, of course, take the time to have the conversations and reflect on the meaning of your life and its value.

If you would achieve a higher awareness and grow spiritually, do not kid yourself, you must be prepared to do the work.

The solution to work and effort

These are not swearing words. If others like what they are doing why do you not like what you are doing? The only thing to change is how you think about the subject of work and effort. Moaning and groaning takes effort and work. So you are actually working and making an effort but in the wrong way. Remember you wanted to change your life. Your life itself is work and effort put something positive into it. We reward bad behavior and make a celebrity out of the person. I never understood this reversal. The opportunity to be here on this earth at this time is valuable. Therefore, the solution is simple, value your life.

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