Taking a peek into the Psychic Atmosphere in 2013 is revealing… this is what it looks like…

The scene shows the crossroads, a new threshold presents itself. Life choices have deeper consequences. The choice is, moral or immoral, new or old, good or bad.  The year of 2013 is a defining year with an entirely new landscape. The old model doesn’t work there is a new model. The correct pursuit of an endeavor carves out the desired path. This is different from destiny and the idea it was meant to be. The choices in 2013 need extra clarification and definition, and there is one very major issue, trust.

The major issue – the trust factor

The question is – Is this person trustworthy? Who is the person you are dealing with? Are they authentic? Everything hinges on the answer, it is all inclusive to arrive at the point of making the moral decision, the right choices based on trust and authenticity.

The updated, real time twenty-first century faster life doesn’t make it easy to take care of the details of the trustworthiness of all things offered. These are things we do not think about, the unthinkable. Would someone really, falsely misrepresent themselves for the dollar? Of course they would.

At this junction the moral application about the decision is paramount. There simply is no easy way to resolve the dilemma at this kind of junction. Old ideas vs. new ideas; the path to success; the perfect future; the promise of wealth. It is necessary to know the right from the wrong path and how to read the signs of choice.

How do you read the signs of choice?  Ask the same question of yourself; are you trustworthy and authentic? Do you represent yourself the right way? Put yourself through the same scrutiny you would develop for another. This promotes standing at the crossroad junction with knowing which way to go. The result, your authenticity allows you to make the right choices.


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