So… about the website you want to build.

Recent Project

Website Makeover

An existing website needs improvement. The site contains resource information that requires a flexible column structure.

Recent Project

Artist’s Portfolio

Online Gallery to showcase artist’s original works for exhibitions and art shows.

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What I do

This website you want to build has to have some thought behind it before you leap into the nearest offer of cheap hosting with a forever free domain.

I don’t build the website for you, I build it with you so you get to know how your website works.

What you want is a website that accommodates your idea with the flexibility to grow with how you envision the future of your project.

Building a website is not quick and easy

It’s Not Easy

If something is easy and needs no effort, it’s not worth your time.

There is a learning curve with websites, apps, mobile screens, responsive layouts… all this takes time to learn.

The time you invest building a website will give you the return on your investment. The result will be your website the way you want it.

Built into my services is one-on-one training. I will build it with you and show you how your website works.

Why would I do this?

Because so many people start out with the wrong information about domain registration, hosting, and freebies that mushroom into complex web problems.

The inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, never intended for everyone to have to learn complex code to use the Web.

Eventually you won’t need my services, you’ll have the knowledge and independence to use the web the way it was intended, to exchange and share information.

What Theme Should You Use?

The Divi Theme

I use the Divi Theme because it is the one theme that lets you shape your ideas the way you want it, without reshaping your wallet.

No two people see things the same way this is why I won’t build a website for you, but we build the website together based on what you want. At the same time you learn how to use the Divi Theme.

I am not a developer but with the Divi Theme you don’t have to be one, neither do you have to be a designer. The layout of content on a webpage should be balanced with text and images and white space.

My interest and passion for design comes from being a professional ballet dancer. A website is the choreography of your idea which comes together on the stage of the Internet.

The Truth About Code

WordPress is already coded. The theme overlays WordPress and has some code. The theme code can override the WordPress code, but this will cause problems when WordPress updates as it does regularly.

Code is HTML – hypertext markup language

CSS – cascading style sheet

Class ID – labeling a module to assist a function

HTML is for the developer

CSS – adding styles for the designer

Class ID – placing specific instruction for that module

That’s the secret of code

There’s not that much to it. As you build your website you learn the basics. You build the website on the front end without having to know code.

Important to know

The Two Most Important Decisions

As a website owner you want the best for your website. This is why you want a reliable theme and hosting company. My recommendation is based on my long-term association with Elegant Themes and SiteGround.

The Divi Theme by Elegant Themes

The cost effective theme that works for you with no extra charge for tech support.

Divi WordPress Theme

This is my affiliate link with Elegant Themes

Hosting Company

Everything your website needs with tech support at no extra cost.

Web Hosting
This is my affiliate link with SiteGround

The Divi Layout Library

The Divi Theme comes with a library of template layouts. All the layouts can be rearranged and recolored to suit your specific needs.

The template layout is just a guide to help you see what’s possible when you put images and texts into a web page or blog post.

When you use a premade layout you see what’s possible, but you also see what you want to change based on your idea. 

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