The question will be asked many times. Here is the answer. 

The Divi Theme has integrated a method to tidy up the loose code all over the Internet. Code isn’t perfect and it doesn’t always work the way it is supposed to. The modification of the Divi Theme will essentially be in the area of the functions.php files. This is only if you want to build a template or a specific style.

If you are a developer and specifically want to build unique Themes and use the Divi Framework, then you would create a Child Theme.

It is not necessary to think you have to use a Child Theme just because the Divi Theme updates regularly. This is what you want a regularly updated theme. 


This is one of the most unfortunate problems on the web. You have to check out the information and take a look at what’s in it for the person giving you the information.

Not everyone has your best interests in mind. What they have in mind is to tell you that you need something when you don’t. How do you know the difference?

If you find a beautiful Theme styled in Divi made by a developer and decide you want to use that Theme, then you use that theme. This will most probably be a Child Theme and the developer will have instructions on how to use the Child Theme.

If you’re familiar with CSS and how to use a Style Sheet then you’re going to be fine. If not you’ll need to pay someone to manage your website for you.  

When I first started out with WordPress, I used a styledWordPress Theme because I did not know how WordPress worked. I had to operate within the limitations of the Theme.

After a while the Theme I was using was too restricting, I wanted the freedom to have a different layout on the page. I only had a choice of a single column or two columns. When I added pictures it didn’t look right and I wasn’t satisfied.

There had to be a better Theme. There was, I wrote about it in this article.

How Does The Child Theme Work?

A Child Theme is a Theme that is created from the Parent Theme, the Divi Theme. If you want to change something in the website you will have to know CSS and how to use the Style Sheet. 

But, it is not true that you have to use a Child Theme. You don’t, unless you decide you want to use one.

If you’re using the Divi Theme all the styling elements are built into the Divi Modules. In some cases extra styling is used and there is a place for the CSS code within that particular module.

None of the CSS styling is lost when the Divi Theme is updated. 

Leaping Technology

We can hardly keep up with all this tech stuff. It can get overwhelming. It’s not going to slow down, but what does improve is the software, like WordPress and the Divi Theme.

One of the new leaps in technology is the coming changes to the WordPress editor section, the place where you enter content onto the page or post. This change only puts the icon in a different place, but it is the same icon.

Have you noticed how you might visit a website and the design is totally changed from what it was when you last visited the page. You have to mouse around to find a setting, it’s just in a different place. Well, the same is true with the new WordPress Editor, named Gutenberg.

WordPress is an incredible software and it takes its place as the number one used software worldwide because it is a deserved place.

WordPress is an open source website software powered by developers from all over the world.

The Divi Theme overlays the WordPress core as do all WordPress Themes.

Change Is Easy To Deal With

The Divi Theme is a complete WordPress Premium Theme on it’s own.

Here’s the real secret; a developer offers a Child Theme.

The Divi Theme is built for anyone to use, no coding needed.

There are premade layouts in the Divi Library that you can use to build a website.

The Child Theme question is based on what you need, not a “best practice” use. This is why you don’t need a Child Theme.

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