Writing on the Web

Words that communicate information.

01. Strategic

The writing on a website has to have a strategy based on the ease of navigation throughout the site and communication of the information.

02. Clarity

Is the content clearly articulated? Does it make sense and communicate conversationally. Is the content optimized for SEO and is it accessible?

03. Accessibility

15% of web users have a disability and find it hard to read content on a website. The written content needs to be accessible.

Proven Success

Written Conversation

Unless you’re a formal educational institution the writing on the web should take on a conversational form. Informative and clear. This is not easy to achieve and it takes work to edit the content to express just the right amount interest. 




Disability Users


A Team Of Professionals

Scott Winterroth

Scott Winterroth


Content Marketing

Joan Margau Writer

Joan Margau


Content Creation

Project assistance

What We Do 

Content for accessibility

Optimize your website the right way so it’s accessible.


Personalized to the specific problem you’re having.

Content Layout

Using Divi Wireframe Layout for writing on the website.

Website Hosting

Personlized and out of this world hosting with community.

Divi Instruction

Use the same Theme designers and developers use without code.

One-on-One Help

In-person instruction so you can see how to solve the problem.