How does it happen? It is a deeper thought process, idea or concept that ruminates inside of me, a heartfelt expression or a frustration. The allegories of my life are an enlarged comparison of a situation I am in at a given time. My reflections and thoughts will take me to see a different reality. I never cease to marvel at the strange beauty of winter whiteness, and how it represents the inner retreat necessary to find the deeper nature. The autumn leaf that falls off the tree in the wind gust, I would follow the leaf and wonder about its journey.

Eventually I would write of the journey of the autumn leaf and its adventures as it flowed down the river through the towns and cities. My imagery is so vivid at times that I ‘go’ to the place and time I think about. I would read history books about events long past, I was there in that story and lived it as if it was now. The past was adventurous but the present was boring. Life seemed to have more activity then, but I soon came to know this was a memory of a time in the past.

The past was the present and the present was as a result of the past. I came to know about reincarnation and wondered if it was all true. We are all searching for that thread of existence and meaning to our life. Surely there is a balance between the material and the spiritual, or do we only worship the dollar.

My dream is to make a difference through sharing the many spiritual experiences I have had to inspire others to find their spiritual experiences and to find the balance that makes us richer in material and spiritual wealth. By doing this we exercise a new moral compass badly needed in the twenty-first century and beyond.


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