The singular experience of you, is unique. An enigma of the truth; there is only one like you. When you think about this statement it should come as a relief, not as a negation of you. The problem is we are more inclined to negate ourselves rather than promote our uniqueness. If you promote yourself you are considered somewhat conceited.  There is an element inside of us though that knows we are unique and we are not the same as the person next to us, we are all different.

Our uniqueness contributes to what we give to the world of ourselves. What are we giving to the world?

“A wise man never loses anything, if he has himself, ” Michel de Montaigne.

If you lose yourself in yourself you will not have anything. When you find yourself and know you have yourself then you make a difference in the world.

If you do not feel you make a difference then you are convinced of this idea. True to what you think, you will not make a difference.

I have come to the opinion, based on my experience, the way to figure this out is to come to terms with you in what I call a real time paradigm moment, another way of saying it is an ‘ah-hah’ moment, everything revolves around how you think about you. No one else can think for you and no one else really knows you. Once you figure out that you have yourself, you will be more comfortable being you.

The power of thought

If we truly understood our thought power we would indeed be more careful how we think. The power of thought can shape a new picture if you become aware of how you think. We might come across a phrase said by someone noteworthy like Montaigne and then this becomes part of our thinking because we understand its context and meaning.

It does no good to dwell on the errors of others or your own errors. We will all make mistakes in life, and the purpose of the mistake is the ability to learn from the error and not to repeat the error. Acknowledging this is the mark of progress. Without learning there is no progress.

Life brings us into contact with many different people all are unique in their own way, if you respect yourself by having yourself then you cannot loose yourself. I believe this is how you do make a difference.

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