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How to succeed in 7 seconds

  1. Don’t read
  2. Watch movies
  3. Make excuses
  4. Go shopping
  5. Waste time
  6. Make a noise
  7. Post gossip on social media

These tips guarantee your success!

I bet you read the list because it was short… easy reading.

Success in 7 seconds?

Forgive me for making such a ridiculous list.

The point is we want life to be given to us in neat how-to-do statements that will somehow make things easier. Everywhere you look there is a list to follow. Tomorrow there will be another list with the just discovered, exclusive upgrade to the secret to success.

Did you know there are no secrets to success to be found in a magic bullet list. A List only organizes information.

Human nature doesn’t change as fast as technology enables us to produce. Success is something achieved through a long-lasting dedicated commitment to something we care about.  It also includes having the discipline to acquire new skills and persevere through the difficulties.

Our picture of success is not hard work, discipline and effort. It’s full of descriptions of a lifestyle no one lives, but everyone wishes they did.

Work on your laptop at the beach. Build a website, sleep while it works for you so you don’t have to. Retire early and live the life you always wanted. Buy a home, collect cars, paintings, a yacht, or a motorcycle. Travel the world. You can have all this and much more…

To be successful you must be just like someone who achieved their success. You clone yourself to this person, think like them, act like them, do what they do, and you too will become successful.

You can’t be like someone else

Those who are successful deserve to be where they are. They decided to commit themselves to succeeding and did whatever was necessary to get where they wanted to go.

Organizing information into helpful bullet points makes sense.

Lets be real:

  • Not everyone wants to be a _____  your favorite person
  • You can get to the top if you want to
  • Success is something you need to define for yourself
  • You have to do what it takes to achieve success
  • Nothing worthwhile is easy to achieve

“The best things in life are free,” Earl Nightingale made this statement.

How true it is. Success doesn’t cost anything it’s a decision you make, not one made for you.

We define success through the lens of the famous, the fortunate and the wealthy. It’s time to let go of this definition of success and get in touch with your definition of success.

Your success begins with you and it depends on how you think about yourself.

One of the most outstanding books I have read is the classic Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Inspired by Andrew Carnegie, Hill reveals the formula, not once but many times through twenty years of research dealing with facts not fiction. If you’ve read this book then read it again.

Carnegie proposed the formula should be taught in public schools and colleges. If properly taught it would revolutionize the entire education system and children would get a realistic picture of the truth about success, life, and acquiring wealth.

The timeless information in this book identifies personal achievement and and human nature. If you want to succeed – this book will open the window of your mind. Already read it… read it again.

“All achievement, all earned riches have their beginning in an idea!” Napoleon Hill.

Change your definition of success… only if you want to succeed.

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