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Website Development

I design and build WordPress websites.

Website Design

The design is based on the idea you have in mind for the website. It can be from scratch or using a premade theme. There is a choice of 100+ Topical Theme Layouts. 

Style Guide

A website should have a uniform style throughout the site. This is based on the subject and theme chosen.

Website Development

Primarily I build websites with the Divi Theme. This theme has flexible layout elements and also provides use without the need for complex code.

Website Instruction

Hands on with your website. Learn how it works and operates. 

Website Support

Tuition and instruction on how to use the theme.

Single Page Design

Landing and announcement pages.

In person Tuition

Online instruction available.

Recent Websites 

Recent Project

Artist’s Website

Online Gallery to showcase artist’s original works for exhibitions and art shows.

Recent Project

Restaurant Website Redo

Revise original website into the Divi Theme using two layouts combined.

Current Project

Martial Arts 

Website build for Martial Arts Instructor.

Current Project

Jewelry Shop

Website building for handmade jewelry. In progress not yet live.

COmplete Website Packages


Use a premade Theme to define the content of your idea for a website.



Prompted through existing layouts or from scratch.



Establish a Style Guide for images, fonts and buttons.

Website Care

Maintaining a website and keeping it updated.

Website Redesign

Entire Website Makeover

Revise an existing website.

  • Use the existing content from the old website
  • Transfer it to the new layout
  • Use the same images or update images
  • Have a new look without heavy styling
  • Lightweight additions
  • Add plugins to enhance functionality

Theme and web hosting recommendations

The Divi Theme

User friendly and versatile. Always updated, secure, with new layouts each week. Excellent tech support when you need it. I’ve used the Divi Theme since it came out in 2013. This is my affiliate link with Elegant Themes.

SiteGround Web Hosting

When you need tech support and you need it fast, you’ll get it from SiteGround, any time of the day or night. The back end of the website is complicated and best left to those who know how it works and love working there. I’ve been with SiteGround since 2012. This is my affiliate link with SiteGround.

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