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Joan Margau

Website Consulting & Design - in real time

Joan has been using WordPress Content Management System software for 17 years and the Divi Theme for 10 years.

She combines her artistic skill with technology to create unique one of a kind websites. She also offers website maintenance and tuition.

Classical Ballet

I started classical ballet at aged five and fulfilled my dream and danced professionally for six years. The time came, as it does for all dancers, to put away their ballet shoes.

In 1990 when the personal PC came out I fell in love with technology and the Internet. As a child I would dream about a ‘techical place’ where people could access and exchange information. In the dream it was an electronic library, this is the Internet.


I learned to use WordPress and operate a WordPress Theme. All was well until I needed to upgrade WordPreess and wanted to change Themes.

The Hosting Company servers did not have sufficient memory, and I had to change Themes each year to continue receiving tech support. I had to find a new Hosting company and Theme.

The Divi Theme

In 2013, Elegant Themes, the makers of the WordPress theme I was using, produced the Divi Theme. This Theme is a nontech user’s dream come true.

I was used to working from a premade template and filling in the spaces. But this theme was different. I coiuld change the page layout, style the content, and create an entirely unique website, without having to know how to code.

About RealTime Paradigm

I have been through the frustration of first time learning without adequate documentation. Made the mistakes, wasted the money, deleted and started over.

This website contains the foundational information about how to start building a website with WordPress using the Divi Theme in real tme.

The World Wide Web started out as a simple system of links, connected to a network of servers, through hypertext markup language (HTML code).

I started RealTime Paradigm, Consulting & Design in real time to help people build websites the way they should be built. Flexible. Functional. Affordable.

If you don’t find the answer to your website situation contact me and we can talk about your Website.

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