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Joan Margau

Joan Margau

Writer | Copywriter

A ordinary person in the marketplace of ideas with a passion for writing and working.

The merit of an idea is the thread of interest that peaks curiosity. An idea enriches and connects us to knowledge and solutions when you say it in words.

AWAI American Writers and Artists Institute

  • Accelerated Copywriting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Copywriting 2.0

I am a creative, original thinker, with a penchant for idealism tinged with practical reality.

RealTime Paradigm is the fulfillment of a life-long dream. To write, connect and help others in their expression. As a child I would write about my lofty ideas and experiences. It never occurred to me I could write a book until many years later.

I would dream about finding a place to interact. In this place we would help each other, learn new things, and pay it forward to future generations. This is the Internet.

My artistic streak as a professional ballet dancer responded to the challenge. I could design my own Website and write the content. I set about learning how to operate Website software and found WordPress.

The structure of a Website has many components. Anything is possible, when you know how it works.

Writing brings the message in words. Your keyboard is a printing press. It’s easy to produce words but not everyone likes to write. I am someone who does like to write.

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