Using WordPress

How It Works

The foundational knowledge in simple language.

01. Worldwide Choice

60% of websites worldwide use WordPress. The software works well and is reliable. It is so reliable the competition tries to make you think it’s ‘dead.’ This just tells you how good it is becuase WordPress improves all the time.

02. Built for the User

The content management system when used in conjunction with a WordPress Theme will give you the flexibility to put the content onto the webpage without having to know HTML code.

03. Accessibility Ready

WordPress is accessible ready. Did you know 15% of web users have a disability and find it hard to read content on a website? The written content must be easy to read and not be hidden behind too much design.

How WordPress Started

WordPress began in 2003 when two developers, Matt Mullenweg and David Little decided to improve a blogging software they were using called b2Cafelog. They created a fork in the code and modified the software and created a blogging platform which they named WordPress.

They did this with their knowledge of HTML, which means hypertext markup language, computer code. The code works in the background while you use the software on the front end.

As it’s name implies, you are pressing the words like a printing press but you’re putting the text directly onto the web page, and this made it easier for people to write on the web.

The web is a system of links that takes you from one page to another page or to another website and you can connect worldwide.

The WordPress software is evolving as technology methods improve the quality of code execution. This now requires a more in-depth knowledge about the foundation of the workings of WordPress.

The WordPress Framework

This is called WordPress core. It is managed by a team of WordPress core developers.

WordPress is an open source software and developers from all over the world contribute to the WordPress core. The result is a very well organized content management system to power a website.

Installing WordPress

The WordPress software is not downloaded, it is provided to you by a Hosting Company when you are going to create a website.

Your website is not built on your computer and then uploaded to the web, unless you are a developer. The website is built on the Hosting Company’s servers inside the WordPress software from the Dashboard of the website.

You will be using a WordPress Theme in conjunction with the WordPress core. The Theme overlays WordPress and is designed to be compatible with WordPress because it is a WordPress Theme.

wordpress dashboard

The Website Journey

From my experience using WordPress since 2006, it is a journey of discovery and learning. Nothing about WordPress is quick and easy. There is no truth to the idea that you can create a website in an hour and be up and running on the web.

The reality check; there are too many details that need to be in place for the website to work and this takes more than an hour to implement.

From the time you purchase a domain name, sign up with a Hosting Company, choose a style guide for color and typography, to launching the website a few weeks have passed.

This is the Website Journey.


Choosing A WordPress Theme

Choosing a WordPress Theme will be a difficult choice as there are so many to choose from. Here we come to the most common mistake made with websites; using a free theme.

We have been taught to believe that FREE is good and that’s all we need. The problem is free means upgrade and the free functionality is limited.

You don’t want to use a free theme.

The Choice of Theme is vital to the life of your blog or website. How To Choose A WordPress Theme.


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